Welcome to My Portuguese Mother! My name is Carolina Martins, I am 22 years old and live in New Jersey. This site was created to share my love for cooking and the inspirations behind it. Since I can remember the gathering place for my family was around the kitchen table. Whether it was doing my homework, having a meal with family and friends or just watching TV, it happened all around the kitchen table. 

This website’s name is inspired by my real life Portuguese mother, Lola. Growing up, my mom always went above and beyond for every meal. My mom would prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner from scratch, every single day. Her love always shined through her food, and I hope I do the same with mine!

My love for cooking started when I began recovering from my eating disorder. I was diagnosed at 16 years old and had a very difficult relationship with food for some time. Through my recovery, I began to think differently about eating by appreciating each ingredient for what it brought to a recipe and for the benefits to my health as well.

Everything in life happens for a reason, and I know that going through what I did helped guide me to cook!

This blog will feature a variety of cuisines from Portuguese to American, to new food trends that I’m obsessed with!

I will be sharing all my food adventures and hope you are ready to cook and bake with me!